Building Specifications

1. Digging the foundations: the grounds are excavated to a sufficient depth as laid out by our civil engineer both for the foundation of the house and the septic tank.

2. Construction of the foundations using reinforced concrete to support the building.

3. All the reinforced concrete constructions specified by the seismic and static studies done under the supervision of the Architect. These being foundations, columns, beams, floor slabs, stairs and balconies etc.

4. External stone and internal brick constructions for stone buildings. External stone walls measure 50cm;
External and internal brick walls for brick-built homes. Insulation material used will be from the DOW and installed on the roof, external columns and in between exterior cavity walls.

5. Plastering and painting of internal and/or external walls. Walls will be covered with three layers of plaster (external walls with structural break-two rows of bricks).

6. Installation of external doors & double-glazed wooden windows/shutters and internal doors (wooden/MDF) for stone buildings. Brick buildings will be provided with aluminium external doors and shutters, and double-glazed windows. All windows are provided with fly screens.

7. Pitched roof with wooden frame and ceramic tiles or flat roof - depending on architect's drawings.

8. Guttering below roof tiles.

9. Damp proof flat roof.

10. Cleared access road to entrance of house.

11. Provision of a hard standing parking area - as shown on the plans.

12. Provision of paths around the villa - as shown on the plans.

13. Provision of pergolas / verandas - as shown on the plans.

14. Ceramic floor and bathroom tiles throughout the property, according to your choice from our standard selection.

15. Fully-fitted kitchen units according to your choice from our standard selection. The kitchen will include wooden cupboards - a choice of colours is available. The splashback behind the taps and along the sink as well as wall space between cabinets and countertops will be tiled. A range of countertop colours is also available for choice. Double sink and drainer fitted, plumbing for washing machine and/or dishwasher if requested can be in kitchen.

16. Fully-fitted bathrooms and accessories according to your choice from our standard selection. Plumbing for  washing machine unless otherwise stated. Bathrooms will be tiled to the height of the doors.

17. Fitted wardrobes in bedrooms - 2 metres wide and ceiling height.

19. Air conditioning units throughout.

20. 160 litre solar panel (two mirrors) plus immersion heater.

21. 1,000 litre water tank and pump providing a back up to the mains water supply in the event of interruptions or   shortages and ensures that water pressure is constant.

22. Staircase: balustrade of interior staircase will be of wood or metal.

23. Electric sockets, points for telephone, TV and satellite.

24. Main ceiling lights in each room.

25. External lamp above each balcony door.

26. Central heating (oil fueled).

27. Outside tap(s) are provided for irrigation of plants and gardens.

28. Connection to Electricity and Water supplies - with associated meters.

29. Building permits.

30. All IKA (social security) payments, building permits and taxes necessary to build the house.

31. VAT 24%.

In some areas there may be a delay with electricity connections if electricity has to be brought in from a distance. Some areas may also experience water shortages especially in the peak summer months. These delays/shortages are due to new infrastructure.