A kilometer along the road from Almerida to Gavalohori, follow the sign and turn left to Aspro. Aspro is an old Cretan village clinging to life - sustained by some newer houses and some renovations. Aspro has about 80 permanent residents.

Aspro is ridiculously quaint with narrow stone streets, flowers everywhere, great views and paths to many villages in the area. It's not just ‘sleepy', sometimes it's asleep.

Sadly there is no kafenion / cafe - although there's one renovation with its outside ‘Avli' which we think could make a great taverna / cafe. However Aspro is a great place to live if you're looking for a small traditional Cretan village which is 2 minutes from the sea and nearby villages with Tavernas and more.

‘Avli Estiatorio': translated as "the courtyard restaurant" in Greek, a 'place for enjoying delicious traditional Greek fare surrounded by friendly people' ... Quite!

In the meantime, until someone opens a small cafe/taverna (or we do) - it's only 2 minutes in a car to Almerida.