Falassarna (sometimes written as Phalassarna) is located on the West coast of Crete approximately 20km from Kissamos in the neck of the Gramvoussa peninsula.

One of the most famous beaches in Crete, it is popular with day trippers attracted by the clear turquoise blue sea. It consists of five consecutive West facing beaches, making it a wonderful place to watch the sun set in the sea. (It can get quite windy). The southernmost beach (Pachia Ammos) is the longest and widest and is fully organized with sun beds and umbrellas. . The two central beaches are the most favorite and most visited from locals and travelers. "Pahia Ammos" beach is the most popular and receives most visitors, without being overcrowded.

If you are looking for a quieter beach, or if you like small creeks, go to one of the two beaches lying immediately north of the Pachia Ammos beach. And if seeking a really secluded beach, check the beach located south of Pachia Ammo.

There are plenty of taverns and restaurant in the area, on the beach and on the way leading to it, as well as a couple of small shops along the road where you could shop for basics.

The name Falassarna is pre-hellenic and is derived from the nymph "Falasarni". Falassarna used to be the port of ancient Polyrinia. The city was at its peak during the Hellenistic period and at the time the city had its own coin. Its port was closed and surrounded by walls and it was connected to the sea with a canal.

The port and the canal today are cultivated land due to the fall of the sea level - the ancient remains are located 300-400 meters from the sea. The secure position of the port, the impregnable fort and the rich valley of the area indicate that Falassarna was a great naval and commercial centre.

Today, the plain is filled with olive groves and greenhouses cultivating mainly tomatoes.

The area around Falassarna is magnificent and is a protected nature reserve and part of the Natura 2000 network, both due to its variety of flora and fauna and as an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Present days Falassarna is a quiet resort, with many small hotels, apartments and taverns, close to the wonderful sandy beach. Here the visitor can admire the magnificence of the archaic landscape and the blue sky.